Wood has always been a symbol of domestic fireplace, nature, tradition and home warmth. Aluminium is a lightweight but powerful and durable material. What will we get if we connect the warmth of the hut with the power of the air wing?

Professional approach to work as well as a high level of quality together with a constant tendency towards development and, above all, the desire to meet our customers’ wishes, has resulted in the introduction of superior construction joinery in combination aluminium-wood. The outside of the window is made of high quality aluminium resistant to atmospheric influences, while the inside of the window is made of wood that gives your window warmth and traditional beauty.

Aluminium is a supporting part and this window has retained all the qualities of the classic aluminium window in terms of the basic construction and the wooden “lining” on the inside made it inevitable for most solutions in the field of industrial design.

Aluminium-wood profile is used for making windows and doors in both residential and office buildings. This profile proved to be a good solution for the balcony door and all kinds of windows. This luxury product is a blend of the best features of aluminium and wood, and therefore provides security, solidity, and natural texture. The heat of the wood gives the impression of the pleasantness in the home, while the aluminium on the outside is easily maintainable, and it also provides excellent insulation. The connection between these two elements is made up of special joints that do not transmit stresses due to the expansion and shrinkage of the material. The type of wood and colour can be adjusted to your interior (flooring, furniture, interior woodwork, etc.). The aluminium part of the window to which the paint is applied by plastification or anodizing, is painted from the RAL card at the client’s request, and can also be plasticized in various shades of wood texture as well as special effects of plastification (matte, shiny, relief, etc.). By choosing a quality window, it is possible to save 60% of energy.