When lightweight construction, strength and durability are required, and when it comes to glazing of larger areas, aluminium joinery is placed first. With aluminium, you can expect only perfection, high thermal insulation ability and a high degree of finishing.

Several different colours, with clear and sharp lines, will give each facility the necessary amount of luxury with an indication of modernity. Aluminium windows and doors, your view into the world! Aluminium windows are an important and creative part of the facade, their size and shape determine the appearance of the building. They are included in the most demanding building elements, give a tone to architecture, they can increase but also reduce the material value of the facility.

The window as a functional element must enable us to provide quality ventilation, sufficient natural light in the space, and to feel as the constituent but also the protected part of the environment that surrounds us. The aluminium strength and its durability ensure the quality of the window that does not require special maintenance, and as such, aluminium windows have been used in almost all spaces and facilities.

A high-quality aluminium window reliably protects against noise, cold and heat, and the chamber system guarantees the interrupted thermal bridge that creates a window with high-quality insulation performance with thermal insulation glass. If you want windows that can be obtained in almost any dimension, modern, straight and smooth lines, in the colour of your choice, then the aluminium window is the right solution for you. Aluminium joinery can be made of plasticized or anodized profiles with an interrupted thermal bridge or without a thermal bridge of so-called “cold profile”.

Interrupted thermal bridge systems are used on buildings requiring high thermal insulation. Systems without interrupted thermal bridge are used for the production of internal elements, temperatureally equally treated on the outside and on the inside, as well as for types of facilities where thermal insulation of the profile is not an important characteristic, for example, production halls, glass displays and similar.