Throughout history, cities did not look the way the film spectacles teach us: for thousands of years, the most important function of the apartment was to protect us from winter frosts and summer heat. The rooms were small and dark – the windows were just small openings in the walls, closed with wood. Light remained outside of human structures.

And then the glass appeared: the windows were getting bigger, and the light won the interior of all the buildings.

The glass has allowed us to change the appearance of cities and move another step – we started to build from glass and made buildings that look so light and transparent that they seem to float.

From year to year, glass has been obtaining a growing importance in construction as a material for the future, which can replace the existing materials, for example, brick, block etc. … With its characteristics, it achieves complete thermal insulation, acoustic, solar, UV protection, and the entire buildings are being covered with glass – glass facades. In these facades, the glass is placed on all sides as a glass sheath. The distance between the actual facade and the second glass sheath is 0.05 to 1.00 m. Glasses are mainly made in a security variant such as pamplex, tempered and similar.

Our recommendation is that the glass is with low-emissivity, filled with argon in order to provide maximum thermal protection for your facility in addition to aesthetics. A quality selection of modern glasses is aimed at achieving the desired results (light permeability, K-value, solar factor), both in the facility itself and in the outer appearance of the building (external reflection, colour of the building, etc.).

When choosing a facade, profile and glass, the following factors must be taken into account: the facility’s purpose, the geographical position thereof, the average wind speed for that area, the static calculation of the load capacity of the entire structure, the dilatation of the building in working conditions, the annual settlement of the building, all in order to properly install the profiles and glasses.