The first man who built, made this from the materials that were at his hand: wood, stone, earth. We built the best way we could, but in this process our buildings were built by our spirit – we started to design better, stronger and more durable materials.

New time brings new materials and ways of using them to improve different aspects of life. Changes in climatic and living conditions have also led to changes in the needs and wishes of customers. By following and adapting to the individual wishes of customers, Euro Bravo makes PVC joinery using PVC profiles of highly valued properties.

PVC is an abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride and represents the product of the petrochemical industry, belongs to the type of polymer produced from petroleum or natural gas and salt, and the chemical formula is (CH2 – CH2). After mixing with other filling materials, this polymer softens with the effect of heat and becomes suitable for further shaping.

PVC joinery is durable and robust, impact resistant, does not deform and does not absorb moisture. It is resistant to weak acids and bases, and because it contains chlorine, the melting point of PVC is very high, so that in the event of fire, the material exhibits self-extinguishing properties.

PVC joinery is not susceptible to rotting and rusting as opposed to wooden joinery, and it is not necessary to additionally protect it. Installation of PVC windows is easy and quick. PVC joinery is long-lasting, functional in terms of basic requirements that must be fulfilled, maintenance-free, aesthetically refined and economical.